August 2019
Nove, Exhibition, Ceramic
On 6-7-8 September, on the occasion of the 22nd edition of “Open Doors”, the town of Nove, in the province of Vicenza, is alive with events, exhibitions, performances and meetings: three days to discover the secrets of the land and the magic of an ancient art like ceramics.
August 2019
Aosta, Exhibition, Communication
Until 29 September, the halls of Gignod’s MAIN (House of International Craftsmanship) will be open to visitors of "Contemporary Art versus Craftsmanship”, an exhibition within the exhibition, prompted by the will to reflect on the relationship between art and craft, through the works of five contemporary artists reinterpreting the walking stick with their creations.
August 2019
Ferrara, Conference, Restauration
The International art Restoration Exhibition, acknowledged as a national event in the context of Cultural Heritage, has now reached its 26th edition.
July 2019
Russian, Exhibition, Communication
Between 2019 and 2020, the Biennale of Art Schools will support a moment of creativity and confrontation among secondary schools. The theme of this two-year period develops around the celebration of one of the most important Italian masters: Leonardo Da Vinci.
July 2019
Ostuni, Exhibition, Ceramic
This summer, Officine Saffi, Milan’s renowned gallery devoted to contemporary authorial ceramics, reaches the Apulia region, in the territory of Ostuni, among the trulli and the pristine landscapes of Salento.
July 2019
Rome, Exhibition, Ceramic
Until 29 September, the Villa Torlonia Museums, at the Casina delle Civette in Rome, are showcasing the personal exhibition of ceramic artist Clara Garesio.

Venice, Masters, Art, serigraphy

In 1968, Fiorenzo Fallani opened his serigraphy atelier in Venice, where he imported a brand-new US printing technique to Italy. Over the decades, more than 200 world-renowned artists and promising contemporary young art talents visited the place, where they found a fertile environment to test their ideas, attentively interpreted by Gianpaolo himself.

Milan, Masters, Jewellery

Starting 1980, Filippo Villa has been following the family path founded by the outstanding master goldsmith and excellence craftsman Benvenuto Villa in 1876. The tradition is now being continued through the exclusive models created by the very best team of craftsmen in town. In 1995, Filippo Villa decided to become the first goldsmith reintroducing the use of cufflinks, which had first enteredthe history of costume in the 18th century and had been forgotten along the last 20 years. Thanks to his skills, passion and undeniable savoir-faire, in 2018 Villa has been awarded the Fondazione Cologni’s Prize MAM-Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere.

Milan, Masters, Textile, Homofaber, Tapestry

Born in Enna in 1954, he moved to Milan with his family in 1962. After attending the lower secondary school, he started working in a workshop where he learnt the upholsterer trade while attending the evening courses of the tapestry school run by Milan’s Atisea (the last school of this kind in Italy). After finishing the school, he started collaborating with a number of workshops, among which two historical workshops of Milan’s upholstery: Toniolo and Parinis. Thanks to his expertise, passion and acquaintance with processing methods and materials, he performs state of the art works.

Masters, Paper, Restauration

Lidiana Miotto, born in Padua but now living in Lecce, is the only representative of the unique craft of papier-mache restoration in Italy. After achieving a qualification from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage enabling her to operate on their behalf, she moved to Lecce, Apulia, where she founded the Centre for Paper Restoration. Living in a town world-acknowledged for the excellence of its papier-mache creations, Lidiana Miotto is now reclaiming those antique artworks which had undergone extensive renovations over time.

Milan, Masters, Sculpture, Paper

Caterina Crepax was born in Milan in 1964, the heir to a family profoundly connected to art. She grew up in an evocative, imaginative and creative environment, which would prove a crucial asset in her education and training. But Caterina has always been an impassioned lover of paper. The daughter of world-famous artist Guido Crepax, she inherited her father’s great manual skills and imagination which led her to create an entire three-dimensional structure out of a paper leaf.

Milan, Masters, Ceramic, Wood, Glass

Hands on Design, a brand founded in 2015 by Kaori Shiina and Riccardo Nardi, creates, produces and commercialises its high craftsmanship design products within a network including, to this day, about 30 artisans and craft businesses and 110 international designers.

September 2019
Milan, Conference, Communication
25 years from the historical conference which took place in February 1995 in Milan’s Triennale, Fondazione Cologni is now promoting a new important meeting curated by Ugo La Pietra and Alberto Cavalli: a full day dedicated to exploring the discipline area of the applied arts within Italy’s art crafts, internationally referred to as “decorative arts” or “craft”,