July 2020
Milan, Award, Communication
On Monday 6 July 2020, the ceremony for the award of the honour of the ‘Order of Merit of the Italian Republic’ was held in the garden of the Prefecture of Milan.
June 2020
Swiss, Publishing, Communication
The Master’s Touch Evaluation Tool was developed by the Michelangelo Foundation with the purpose of enabling both its network and artisans themselves to self-assess...
June 2020
Milan, Exhibition, Art, Charity
‘Art has a capacity for reactivation of thought, an ability to awaken positivity that will have a concrete effect on the daily lives of us all.’
May 2020
Milan, Communication
The joint action of a selection of the most important Italian schools of arts and cratfs launched by ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine and supported by Fondazione Cologni, continues with tenacity and good results to date.
May 2020
Milano, Conference, Communication
The National Board of Artistic Craftsmanship is inviting to consider with attention the future of workshops and small craft businesses, and is asking institutions and decision-makers to implement measures aimed at preventing, as far as possible...
April 2020
Milan, Exhibition, Fashion, Accessories, Textile
Now we have to look ahead. It is important now to get ready to start again, to start being together again, our cities, everything that is beautiful, good and done well that flourishes in every corner of Italy.

Rome, Master, Decoration

Paola Bacchi is an interior decorator from Rome who in 2018, thanks to her know-how and skill, was awarded the MAM (‘Master of Arts and Crafts’) title by the Fondazione Cologni. Each of her designs is the fruit of a passionate effort of creative research and study, assisted both by the technological and innovative capacities of major Italian companies operating in the field of design and the experience of refined specialists in craft products. In particular Paola Bacchi has worked on large-scale decorative projects in numerous private and public residences of great prestige, located in St Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Vienna, London, Cap Ferrat...

Alpignano, Master, Art, Print, Typography

Pablo Neruda once described Alberto Tallone as a ‘maestro de la claridad, profesor de pureza, héroe del book’ (‘master of clarity, teacher of purity, hero of the book’): qualities that can be found today in his son Enrico, who since 1973 has been running the publishing house founded by his father in Paris in 1938. After moving to Alpignano, in Piedmont, this genuine atelier of art publication has collected a whole string of marks of recognition and commendations at an international level over the years.

Riccione, Master, Fashion, Wood, Textile, Paper

San Patrignano Design Lab, originally Casa d’Arte, identifies the different artisanal workshops founded in the eponymous and very well-known rehabilitation community by Vincenzo Muccioli, who was a firm believer in the power of manual work to rekindle passion and re-educate youngsters on their path to rebirth. For about ten years now, special attention has been developed here to link artisanal activities with design and to develop relations with important fashion and furniture companies. We asked Luca Giunta, to present us this activity.

Milan, Design, Architecture, Jewelry

Alba Gallizia, a true Milanese, architect and designer, has always been inspired by the legendary names of the 20th century for her creations: Le Corbusier, Caccia Dominioni, Ponti, Castiglioni… are her points of reference. A tireless experimenter, in 2015 she founded the brands Algares (accessories and jewellery) and Alba Gallizia Design (furniture and lighting), both based on research and on her collaboration with Italian craftsmen of a very high standard. Alba is well aware that the dialogue between design and craftsmanship is essential: this is why her work pursues the right combination of competences between mind and hands, capable of giving contemporary results in the name of the excellence and tradition.

Venice, Masters, Glass

Matteo Seguso, born in Venice in 1973, today one of the most talented engravers on glass in Murano, inherited his passion for the ancient art of engraving from his father, the master craftsman Bruno Seguso. Matteo, using a fixed lathe with interchangeable shafts and wheels, transforms glass into works of art encompassing a number of subjects - from floral to landscapes, from figurative to abstract, to the use of the “battuto” technique which creates beautiful geometric effects over the whole surface. Continually in search of new challenges and new experimentations, he encourages exchanging and sharing ideas and knowledge, and for many years he has taught the fascinating technique of engraving on glass.

Modena, Masters, Illustrator, Illustration

Sonia Maria Luce Possentini was born in Canossa (Reggio Emilia), and divides her life and work between Canossa and Pigneto sul Secchia (Modena). After graduating in History of Art from the DAMS (University for Art, Music and performing Arts), and obtaining a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, she studied at the Sarmede School of Illustration under Stepan Zavrel. In 2017, she received the prestigious Andersen Award for Best Illustrator and worked on the book "The plants with no name", in the Storietalentuose series edited by Fondazione Cologni for Carthusia. In 2018 she received the MAM-Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere award.