February 2019
Milan, Contest, Comunicazione, wellmade
January 2019
London, Award, Communication, Silver
Fondazione Cologni is pleased to announce that Giampaolo Babetto and Studio Swine have been awarded the prestigious Wallpaper* Design Award for their 2018 "Fundamentals" work, created for the third edition of the Doppia Firma project, supported by Fondazione Cologni and Living Corriere della Sera, and presented by Michelangelo Foundation.
January 2019
Portugal, Contest, Ceramic
Starting on 1 January applications for the 14th edition of the "Biennale Internazionale di Arte Ceramica di Aveiro" (Aveiro's Biennial International Ceramic Art) are open for the contest created by the Portuguese city of Aveiro
January 2019
Naples, Exhibition, Ceramic, Communication, Contemporary art
Running until 21 March, Naples' Made in Cloister Foundation is showcasing the work of Chinese artist Liu Jianhua, entitled “Monuments”.
January 2019
Reggio Emilia, Exhibition, Fashion, Painting, Textile
Until 17 March, on the main floor of Guastalla's Palazzo Ducale, visitors can access the exhibition "Fashion records in Guastalla. 16th-17th-18th centuries and Twentieth century resonance", curated by Doretta Davanzo Poli, textile craft historian and professor at Venice's University.
January 2019
Florence, Exhibition, Ceramic
Until 10 March, the exhibition “The Princes' Fragile Treasures. The Paths of Porcelain between Vienna and Florence” is open to the public in the Treasury of the Grand Dukes hall in Florence's Pitti Palace.

Milan, Masters, Ceramic

On the path of her personal and professional life, Gabriella Sacchi embodies the image of the craftswoman and designer combining creativity and savoir-faire at the highest level. In 1981, she established her Spazio Nibe laboratory, where, to this day, she has been engaged in ceramics sculpture while also pursuing cultural, research and promotional activities in the field of contemporary ceramics. In 2018, she was acknowledged the MAM-Maestro d'arte e Mestiere award, granted by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, in collaboration with ALMA.

Venice, Masters, gold, Jewellery

Master Marino Menegazzo is the current owner of the Venetian historical craft workshop Mario Berta Battiloro. The workshop was founded in 1969, with the aim to continue the ancient family trade established in 1926.

Venice, Masters, Fashion, Lacework

Born in Burano, near Venice, where she is living, Lucia Costantini has been crafting needle lace since she was a child when she learned the ancient secrets of the art from the women in her family. A talented craftswoman, she designs the graphic projects for her works on her own and turns them into traditional white or innovatively multicoloured lace.

Venice, Masters, Cinema, Theatre

Sergio Boldrin, born in Venice in 1957, and currently living and working there, is a master mask maker, running two well-known ateliers in the lagoon city alongside his brother Massimo. He is also renowned for collaborating with the theatre and the cinema, especially through the masks featuring in Stanley Kubrick's film "Eyes wide shut". Boldrin showcased his creations in Italy and abroad, in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Venice, Masters, Tailoring, Textile, Theatre

Stefano Nicolao was born in Venice in 1954. After attending the art school, he engaged in an acting career in Venice's “L'Avogaria” Theatre, run by Giovanni Poli. Meanwhile, he started working as an aid to a theatrical, cinema, and TV tailor shop. In the 1980s, he opened his “Nicolao Atelier” shop, also devoting himself to a philological study of historical, mostly Venetian costumes, and their accessories.

Perugia, Masters, Textile

Born in Perugia in 1971, Marta Cucchia graduated in Interior design and architecture at Milan's Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). As a great weaving Master, she is the heir to a family tradition encompassing four generations.