October 2019
Milan, Exhibition
"Manifatture Aperte" is a success initiative of the city of Milan, that aims at presenting and sustaining urban manufactures and crafts activities thanks to a series of initiatives.
October 2019
Lugano, Exhibition, Glass, Paper, Mosaic
The second edition of "YouNique. Artigianalità d'Eccellenza", (YouNique. Excellence Craftsmanship) the artistic craftsmanship exhibition market hosted by the evocative halls of Villa Ciani, the 18th century mansion facing Lago Ceresio in Lugano, is about to start.
October 2019
Ravenna, Exhibition, Mosaic
Until 24 November, on the occasion of the 6th edition of the "Contemporary Mosaic Biennial", the city of Ravenna will be alive with events, exhibitions and meetings. Many institutional sites will host site-specific installations and exhibitions, thus turning into exceptional galleries where ancient and contemporary art will engage in an ongoing dialogue.
September 2019
Cremona, Exhibition, Music
Cremona’s Museo del Violino pays tribute to one of the greatest contemporary violin makers: Francesco Bissolotti.
September 2019
Milano, Exhibition, Wood, Glass
Until 13 October, Milan’s Museo Bagatti Valsecchi is showcasing Toni Zuccheri’s solo exhibition featuring a wide number of unique animal-themed works.
September 2019
Biella, Exhibition, Mosaic, shoes
“Fatti ad arte” (Made to Art), an event dedicated to high craftsmanship as an expression of the legacy of beauty and authenticity which includes, from the Renaissance onward, art, culture, and tradition, has now reached its third edition.

Bergamo, Fashion, Tailoring

The story of the Bice&Berta bespoke knitwear in Torre Boldone, a few kilometres away from Bergamo, in Northern Italy, is a wool yarn running through the decades and connecting the hearts of extraordinary women, who grew up in different ages and have been brought together by the same passion. The same passion which, 27 years ago, encouraged Marina Rizzini to establish the laboratory and atelier which has now become a special place, fulfilling the soft tailor-made dreams of her clients, and turning them into perfect garments to be worn.

Varese, Masters, factory

In the very heart of Varese, the “garden city” renowned for its Art Nouveau villas, its parks and proximity to the enchanting Lombard lakes, small contemporary factory can be discovered, where Elena Magni’s and Valeria Bellorini’s sophisticated savoir-faire gives life to state-of the art furnishings accessories based on precious, unusual materials.

Venice, Masters, Art, serigraphy

In 1968, Fiorenzo Fallani opened his serigraphy atelier in Venice, where he imported a brand-new US printing technique to Italy. Over the decades, more than 200 world-renowned artists and promising contemporary young art talents visited the place, where they found a fertile environment to test their ideas, attentively interpreted by Gianpaolo himself.

Milan, Masters, Jewellery

Starting 1980, Filippo Villa has been following the family path founded by the outstanding master goldsmith and excellence craftsman Benvenuto Villa in 1876. The tradition is now being continued through the exclusive models created by the very best team of craftsmen in town. In 1995, Filippo Villa decided to become the first goldsmith reintroducing the use of cufflinks, which had first enteredthe history of costume in the 18th century and had been forgotten along the last 20 years. Thanks to his skills, passion and undeniable savoir-faire, in 2018 Villa has been awarded the Fondazione Cologni’s Prize MAM-Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere.

Milan, Masters, Textile, Homofaber, Tapestry

Born in Enna in 1954, he moved to Milan with his family in 1962. After attending the lower secondary school, he started working in a workshop where he learnt the upholsterer trade while attending the evening courses of the tapestry school run by Milan’s Atisea (the last school of this kind in Italy). After finishing the school, he started collaborating with a number of workshops, among which two historical workshops of Milan’s upholstery: Toniolo and Parinis. Thanks to his expertise, passion and acquaintance with processing methods and materials, he performs state of the art works.

Masters, Paper, Restauration

Lidiana Miotto, born in Padua but now living in Lecce, is the only representative of the unique craft of papier-mache restoration in Italy. After achieving a qualification from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage enabling her to operate on their behalf, she moved to Lecce, Apulia, where she founded the Centre for Paper Restoration. Living in a town world-acknowledged for the excellence of its papier-mache creations, Lidiana Miotto is now reclaiming those antique artworks which had undergone extensive renovations over time.