December 2018
Vicenza, Exhibition, Jewellery
On 14 December, the third biennial edition of Vicenza's Museo del Gioiello, promoted by Italian Exhibition Group Spa in a partnership with Vicenza's Municipality, was inaugurated with an entirely new selection of works.
December 2018
Trento, Communication, Music
The late October's rough weather ravaging Val di Fiemme destroyed over two million trees beyond repair. Among them, rare resonance trunks, a precious kind of wood used for creating musical instruments.
December 2018
Venice, Exhibition, Design, Glass
Until 3 March 2019, the Mario Bellini exhibition (“The architecture of glass, glass in architecture”) is open to the public at Murano's Glass Museum, near Venice.
December 2018
Como, Exhibition, Fashion, Textile
From 9 October up to 31 March 2019, the halls of Como's Museo della Seta (Silk Museum), will be open to the public for the exhibition “Manlio Rho: il senso del colore. Tra tessile e arte” (Manlio Rho: A Sense of Colour. Between Textiles and Art), curated by Luigi Cavadini and Francina Chiara.
December 2018
Cremona, Exhibition, Jewellery
On 24 November, the Museo del Bijou in Casalmaggiore, near Cremona, inaugurated the “Ridefinire il gioiello” (Redefining Jewels) exhibition, which will be available to the public until 13 January 2019.
November 2018
Venice, Exhibition, Glass
Until 6 January 2019, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini is showcasing an exhibition featuring Carlo Scarpa and the Cappellin M.V.M. glassworks at Le Stanze del Vetro on Venice's Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Venice, Masters, Fashion, Lacework

Born in Burano, near Venice, where she is living, Lucia Costantini has been crafting needle lace since she was a child when she learned the ancient secrets of the art from the women in her family. A talented craftswoman, she designs the graphic projects for her works on her own and turns them into traditional white or innovatively multicoloured lace.

Venice, Masters, Cinema, Theatre

Sergio Boldrin, born in Venice in 1957, and currently living and working there, is a master mask maker, running two well-known ateliers in the lagoon city alongside his brother Massimo. He is also renowned for collaborating with the theatre and the cinema, especially through the masks featuring in Stanley Kubrick's film "Eyes wide shut". Boldrin showcased his creations in Italy and abroad, in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Venice, Masters, Tailoring, Textile, Theatre

Stefano Nicolao was born in Venice in 1954. After attending the art school, he engaged in an acting career in Venice's “L'Avogaria” Theatre, run by Giovanni Poli. Meanwhile, he started working as an aid to a theatrical, cinema, and TV tailor shop. In the 1980s, he opened his “Nicolao Atelier” shop, also devoting himself to a philological study of historical, mostly Venetian costumes, and their accessories.

Perugia, Masters, Textile

Born in Perugia in 1971, Marta Cucchia graduated in Interior design and architecture at Milan's Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). As a great weaving Master, she is the heir to a family tradition encompassing four generations.

Perugia, Masters, Ceramic

Born in 1959 in Macerata, in the Marche region, Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli was already active in the family pottery as a mere boy. Since 1873, when his great-grandfather Paolo established the Rubboli atelier, it has been passed down from father to son. With its founding in the town of Gualdo Tadino in Umbria, this ceramics factory reintroduced an ancient type of lustreware that had been popular here during the Renaissance. Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli still uses the pottery's 19th-century muffle furnaces for this decorative type of third firing, using wood and dry branches of broom (Cytisus scoparius) in accordance with the technique described by Cipriano Piccolpasso in his treatise Li tre libri dell'arte del vasaio ("The three books of the potter's art") written in 1558.

Spilimbergo, Masters, Mosaic

Born in 1938 in Spilimbergo, in the region of Friuli–Venezia Giulia, Giovanni Travisanutto frequented the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, a vocational school for mosaicists, where he was hired as a teacher after graduation. He has since become an internationally famous mosaicist known for his work in the New York City subway and at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem – from the secular to the holy.