January 2020
Prato, Exhibition, Cinema, Textile
The exhibition dedicated to the award-winning costume designer Massimo Cantini Parrini is open in the rooms of the Museo del Tessuto (Fabric Museum) in Prato until 22nd March.
January 2020
Vicenza, Exhibition, Ceramic, Glass, Paper
On 17th January, at Maria Luisa Amatori’s “Idea” in Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, the exhibition “Artigianato & Design” (“Craftsmanship & Design”) will be inaugurated. It is open until 2nd February.
December 2019
An exhibition dedicated to a genius of special effects in cinema can be seen at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome: Carlo Rambaldi, known for the most famous fantastic creatures, such as E.T, King Kong and Alien, to mention only the films with which he won an Oscar for the best special effects.
December 2019
The idea of starting a training course linked to craftsmanship came into being at the latest meeting, in Udine, of the signatories of the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship;
December 2019
Milan, Venice, Communication, Craftsmanship
In November, Venice was harshly affected by bad weather and floods, which caused incalculable damage to the lagoon city and, above all, to the artisans who have always worked with passion and dedication in their workshops.
November 2019
Milan, Communication
The “Segnali d’Italia” (Signs of Italian Excellence) campaign is coming to Milan to narrate 11 town tales highlighting the people, crafts, and neighbourhoods that are playing a role in making Milan a city open to integration, inclusiveness and excellence.

sardenia, Masters, Ceramic

Efisio Usai was born in 1942 in Assemini (Cagliari), in Sardinia. He comes from a family which for centuries has made ceramics in Assemini, remaining loyal to some values over all these years: tradition and culture on the one hand, and passion and innovation on the other. Clay was already getting into his blood in his adolescence, when his father taught him the secrets of working with this material. In 1961 Efisio built a new workshop in the heart of Assemini, where his creations were greatly inspired by his native Sardinia. In 2018 the Fondazione Cologni honoured him as an MAM-Master of Art and Metier.

Turin, Masters, Accessories, Textile, Craftsmanship

Since 2000 Massimiliano Massia has been at the head of Antica Passamaneria Massia Vittorio of Turin, founded in 1843 by his great-grandfather, a Royal Warrant Holder of the Savoy Court. The company is based in Pianezza, where the Museum of Passementerie is also located, the only one existing in Europe. The route of the visit, through historical functioning machinery used in the business, includes the story of all the phases of production and the live demonstration of some processes, together with the history and tradition of a family that for more than a century have devoted themselves with passion and great expertise to an ancient art with a contemporary appeal, today very much in vogue also in furnishing, fashion and design.

Florence, Masters, Footwear

Saskia Wittmer, German by birth but Italian by adoption, has been working for over 15 years in her laboratory in the heart of Florence, where she creates bespoke shoes greatly appreciated by lovers of hand-made footwear. Wittmers’ is a very classic style, although she has an individual, original and feminine approach when she is working on products for male clients.

Bergamo, Fashion, Tailoring

The story of the Bice&Berta bespoke knitwear in Torre Boldone, a few kilometres away from Bergamo, in Northern Italy, is a wool yarn running through the decades and connecting the hearts of extraordinary women, who grew up in different ages and have been brought together by the same passion. The same passion which, 27 years ago, encouraged Marina Rizzini to establish the laboratory and atelier which has now become a special place, fulfilling the soft tailor-made dreams of her clients, and turning them into perfect garments to be worn.

Varese, Masters, factory

In the very heart of Varese, the “garden city” renowned for its Art Nouveau villas, its parks and proximity to the enchanting Lombard lakes, small contemporary factory can be discovered, where Elena Magni’s and Valeria Bellorini’s sophisticated savoir-faire gives life to state-of the art furnishings accessories based on precious, unusual materials.

Venice, Masters, Art, serigraphy

In 1968, Fiorenzo Fallani opened his serigraphy atelier in Venice, where he imported a brand-new US printing technique to Italy. Over the decades, more than 200 world-renowned artists and promising contemporary young art talents visited the place, where they found a fertile environment to test their ideas, attentively interpreted by Gianpaolo himself.