25 years from the historical conference which took place in February 1995 in Milan’s Triennale, Fondazione Cologni is now promoting a new important meeting curated by Ugo La Pietra and Alberto Cavalli: a full day dedicated to exploring the discipline area of the applied arts within Italy’s art crafts, internationally referred to as “decorative arts” or “craft”, an area that does not coincide with art, is far from industrial design nor can be regarded as equivalent to traditional artistic craftsmanship.

The conference, entitled "Né arte né design" (Neither art nor design), is inspired to Ugo La Pietra’s recent book “Fatto ad arte. Né arte né design” (Marsilio Editori), freely offered to all participants.
The meeting will take place on Monday, 24 September, from 8:30 to 18:00, in Milan’s Triennale Salone d'Onore.

The theme will be approached by prominent experts in the area, applied art historians, designers, university teachers and professionals: from Ugo La Pietra to Enzo Biffi Gentili, Massimo Bignardi and François Burkhardt; from Beppe Finessi to Paola Navone and Paolo Coretti; from Alba Cappellieri to Sergio Nannicola, Anty Pansera, Alessandro Masserdotti, and Andrea Sinigaglia. The program will be divided into two parts devoted to the subject area first, and to professional training in the second part.

The debate will be monitored by the curators, alternatively Ugo La Pietra and Alberto Cavalli. The final part of the meeting will be open for public comment.

Accreditation required: info@fondazionecologni.it - tel. 02 8965536462

Special thanks to Milan’s Triennale for its precious hospitality.