May 2022
Contest, Ceramic, Wood, Communication
The fifth edition of the "Artigiano del Cuore" contest, promoted by the Cologni Foundation and the Wellmade platform, is about to start.
May 2022
Como, Paper
The young beneficiaries of the AD HOC project were able to enjoy the opportunity to measure themselves with an ancient and poetic art: that of Japanese origami!
May 2022
Milan, Contest, Ceramic
Last March 31, 2022, the deadline for submitting nominations for the second edition of the La Grande Bellezza Award, promoted by Starhotels, expired.
May 2022
Milan, Luthiery
Stefano Bertoli's family with Fondazione Cologni and Fondazione Pro Canale have announced a call for young luthiers under 35 for the assignment of two co-working stations at the Laboratorio di Liuteria Stefano Bertoli.
March 2022
Florence, Exhibition, Jewelry
Florence Jewellery Week is the week dedicated to contemporary jewellery: an event that involves the entire Medici city.
March 2022
Sutri, Exhibition, Ceramic
Keramikos is the biennial exhibition of contemporary ceramic sculpture that aims to focus attention on the vitality of an ancient sculptural tradition that over the centuries has been able to innovate and renew itself through contemporary techniques and languages.

Cuneo, Maestri, Ceramic

Lorenza Bessone is the driving force behind Solelò, a brand of handmade ceramics with a minimalist style. In her workshop in Saluzzo (Cuneo), the city where she was born and raised, she crafts objects and accessories in stoneware entirely by hand, from the design to the processing, from the finishing to the enamels, which are also handmade. In 2021 she was one of the finalists in the "Artigiano del Cuore" (Artisan of the Heart) competition of the platform Wellmade.

Vicenza, Master, Art, Graphic, Print, Typography

The Busato family print shop has been based for over 70 years in the historic centre of Vicenza, in a 16th-century building. Giancarlo Busato has inherited the workshop founded in 1946 by his grandfather Ottorino, who had worked for over twenty years in the most important print shops in the Veneto region. His grandson continues the family passion and has been working since 1996 in chalcography and lithography, using exclusively artisan printing systems that have remained unchanged over time, spending his days among the presses, templates, inks and paper. A visit to the print shop in the heart of the city is a truly fascinating and very special experience. Its passionate owner is always ready to welcome visitors with stories and live demonstrations. Busato also does a lot of teaching to pass on his beloved craft to young people.

Naples, Master, Fashion, Textile, Tailoring

Giuseppe Peluso, known as Pino, is one of the most illustrious names of the prestigious Neapolitan tailoring tradition. Born in 1972 in Caivano, his father was a tailor and his mother worked as an embroiderer. At the age of fourteen he already made and signed his first jackets, after having learned to cut and sew vests, jackets and trousers to perfection. Since 2017, Sartoria Peluso has been welcoming its customers to Posillipo, in a splendid and panoramic lounge overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

Master, Ceramic

Martha Pachon Rodriguez is Colombian, but Italian by adoption: for more than 20 years, in fact, she has been designing and manufacturing beautiful porcelain artefacts in her atelier in Faenza, one of the most important centers of Italian ceramics. With her experimental and creative attitude, Martha draws inspiration above all from nature and human spirit, creating a perfect combination of shapes, colors and sounds. A poetic and refined know-how that fascinates anyone who crosses the threshold of her magical cave. An overwhelming passion, a happiness of doing that captivates since the first meeting.

Ortisei, Master, Sculpture, Wood

Georg Demetz Pilat was born in 1962, the fourth generation of a family strongly linked to the art of wood carving. After completing his sculpture studies at the Institute of Art in Ortisei, he had the opportunity to learn the trade from various masters. In 1987 he obtained the title of master sculptor and started his own business. He works in his workshop in Ortisei where he creates unique pieces in wood and bronze.

Naples, Master, Sculpture, Nativity

The atelier of Ulderico Pinfildi, the supreme master of crib art, is in San Gregorio Armeno, in the heart of Naples. He grew up in the family workshop, and he likes to define his history as a true genealogy. Opened in 1986, the atelier is led by Ulderico and his wife Imma, who took over from his father Alfredo. In his house-shop you can breathe the atmosphere of that extraordinary world of which the Neapolitan crib has been a unique expression since the eighteenth century.