July 2022
Venice, Communication, Homofaber
The second edition of the event put artisans at the forefront – bringing together a diverse range of people, perspectives, materials and techniques Homo Faber Event 2022 welcomed 55,000 visitors to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice over three weeks, from 10 April to 1 May.
July 2022
Milan, Apprenticeships, Communication
The Fondazione Cologni apprenticeship project has opened the new call for applications, presenting itself with a completely new logo and image, reflecting the values and true essence of the project.
July 2022
Milan, Award, Ceramic, Luthiery
Nine excellent projects that, with creativity and courage, have looked beyond the crisis: this is the most important result achieved by the 'Premio Maestro di Mestiere', now in its second edition.
July 2022
Milan, Contest, Ceramic
With 2094 votes obtained during the online voting phase, Doriana Usai, a ceramicist from Assemini (Cagliari), is the winner of the 5th edition of the "Artigiano del Cuore" contest, organised by Wellmade.
June 2022
Milan, Communication
The deadline to apply for the Artigiano del Cuore competition organised by the Wellmade platform, expired on 6 June. Fondazione Cologni's internal commission, after examining the applications received, has selected the finalists who will be able to access the next stage
June 2022
Milan, Communication
Great success for the sixth edition of Doppia Firma. Dialogues between design and artisanal excellence, the successful project of Fondazione Cologni and Living, presented by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship.

Caltagirone, Master, Ceramic

Nicolò Morales was born in 1973 in Caltagirone, where he lives and works. He attended the Art Institute in his city, and since an early age he has been practising in the workshops of master ceramists. His atelier is in the historic centre of the Sicilian town, where he creates both functional objects and sculptures, some of which of considerable size, with inexhaustible creativity. Here he displays his anthropomorphic vases typical of the Caltagirone tradition, but also his avant-garde interpretations, as well as reproductions of 13th-century protomaiolica. Morales literally uses the colours of his land, which he derives directly from minerals collected in the countryside around Caltagirone.

Faenza, Master, Ceramic

Elvira Keller was born and raised in Naples. After graduating, she devoted herself to learning ceramic techniques in several studios. She specialised in the art of majolica at the Ballardini Institute in Faenza: here she settled and opened the workshop where she still practices her profession. Thanks to her expertise and know-how, she has taken part in personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Her highly personal poetics are inspired by cosmic space and nature, with architectural contaminations.

Milan, Master, Paper

In 1873, Domenico Conti Borbone founded the bookbindery that still bears his name. An accomplished master bookbinder, he left the baton to his niece Giuseppina and her husband Isacco Marchesi. The two moved to Corso Magenta in 1919, and it is still here that their grandsons, Gianluca, Gabriele and Angelo, officially at the helm of the company since 2000, cultivate and innovate the art of bookbinding. The workshop produces marbled papers, special colouring on leather, gold embossing and perfect bindings. Everything is done by hand, from sewing the book, gluing, cutting, making the cover to the beautiful decoration and printing.

Cuneo, Maestri, Ceramic

Lorenza Bessone is the driving force behind Solelò, a brand of handmade ceramics with a minimalist style. In her workshop in Saluzzo (Cuneo), the city where she was born and raised, she crafts objects and accessories in stoneware entirely by hand, from the design to the processing, from the finishing to the enamels, which are also handmade. In 2021 she was one of the finalists in the "Artigiano del Cuore" (Artisan of the Heart) competition of the platform Wellmade.

Vicenza, Master, Art, Graphic, Print, Typography

The Busato family print shop has been based for over 70 years in the historic centre of Vicenza, in a 16th-century building. Giancarlo Busato has inherited the workshop founded in 1946 by his grandfather Ottorino, who had worked for over twenty years in the most important print shops in the Veneto region. His grandson continues the family passion and has been working since 1996 in chalcography and lithography, using exclusively artisan printing systems that have remained unchanged over time, spending his days among the presses, templates, inks and paper. A visit to the print shop in the heart of the city is a truly fascinating and very special experience. Its passionate owner is always ready to welcome visitors with stories and live demonstrations. Busato also does a lot of teaching to pass on his beloved craft to young people.

Naples, Master, Fashion, Textile, Tailoring

Giuseppe Peluso, known as Pino, is one of the most illustrious names of the prestigious Neapolitan tailoring tradition. Born in 1972 in Caivano, his father was a tailor and his mother worked as an embroiderer. At the age of fourteen he already made and signed his first jackets, after having learned to cut and sew vests, jackets and trousers to perfection. Since 2017, Sartoria Peluso has been welcoming its customers to Posillipo, in a splendid and panoramic lounge overlooking the Gulf of Naples.