December 2021
Venice, Exhibition, Homofaber
Ticket sales are now open to visit the second edition of "Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future", the international event dedicated to fine artistic craftsmanship.
November 2021
Milan, Communication
To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Starhotels entrusts designer Sara Ricciardi with the creation of Phoenix, a precious room fragrance-burner, a design object, a perfumer and a sculpture together, which represents the ideal combination of design and high craftsmanship.
October 2021
Firenze, Esposizione, Ceramica, Oreficeria
The Helvetia & Bristol Firenze - Starhotels Collezione has reopened its doors after an important restoration and modernization phase, a unique and unprecedented operation in the history of the famous luxury hotel chain.
October 2021
Como, Exhibition, Lacework
On 17 October, at the Council Chamber of Capiago Intimiano (province of Como), Rita Bargna, MAM-Master of Art and Craft 2020, was awarded the European Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards.
September 2021
Cremona, Contest, Music, Luthiery
The award-giving ceremony of the 16th "Antonio Stradivari International Triennial Violin Making Competition" took place on Wednesday 22 September 2021 at the Amilcare Ponchielli theater in Cremona.
September 2021
Biella, Exhibition, Decoration, Ceramic
The fourth edition of "Fatti ad arte", the appointment dedicated to high craftsmanship, is an expression of that heritage of beauty and authenticity which, starting from the Renaissance workshops, encompasses art, culture and tradition.

Ortisei, Master, Sculpture, Wood

Georg Demetz Pilat was born in 1962, the fourth generation of a family strongly linked to the art of wood carving. After completing his sculpture studies at the Institute of Art in Ortisei, he had the opportunity to learn the trade from various masters. In 1987 he obtained the title of master sculptor and started his own business. He works in his workshop in Ortisei where he creates unique pieces in wood and bronze.

Naples, Master, Sculpture, Nativity

The atelier of Ulderico Pinfildi, the supreme master of crib art, is in San Gregorio Armeno, in the heart of Naples. He grew up in the family workshop, and he likes to define his history as a true genealogy. Opened in 1986, the atelier is led by Ulderico and his wife Imma, who took over from his father Alfredo. In his house-shop you can breathe the atmosphere of that extraordinary world of which the Neapolitan crib has been a unique expression since the eighteenth century.

Turin, Master, Paper, binding

Luciano Fagnola, has been working in the field of bookbinding for over 40 years. He graduated in the Bookbinding at the Colle Don Bosco Graphic School, in the province of Asti. During his career he has collaborated with several important artists, such as Ugo Nespolo, Guido Giordano, Francesco Casorati, Giuseppe Uncini, Ferdinando Texidor, Aldo Mondino, Francesco Musante; thanks to these contacts he has developed a personal style of binding, poetic, suggestive and magical.

Udine, Master, Mosaic

Carraro Chabarik is a project centered on mosaic art. It is a contemporary artisan workshop that combines creative thinking and manufacturing skills. The laboratory is located in the historic center of Udine; we work on both the conception and the composition of the mosaics;, we develop artistic research works in dialogue with clients; a line of jewels with precious mosaic inserts; furnishing elements and architectural projects, such as wall and floor coverings... all our products are born from the tradition of high craftsmanship, re-interpreted to achieve very modern results.

Milan, Master, Ceramic

Antonino Negri (Lodi,) 1961: crafts his ceramic masterpieces in his workshop, “Terra Crea”. Earth, water, fire and air are the recurring primordial elements that permeate the archetypal forms of his production, where technical expertise and poetry merge. They are pure and perfect forms that tell ancient tales.

Faenza, Master, Ceramic

Victor Fotso Nyie was born in Cameroon in 1990. In 2010 he graduated from the Artistic Training Institute of Mbalmayo, in his native Country. In 2012 he came to Italy to attend a Mosaic course at the Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts. At the same time he became passionate about the ceramic language and in 2015 he obtained a diploma in Cesena as Technician for the design and prototyping of ceramic products. His artistic research led him to collaborate with several ceramic artists including Bertozzi & Casoni and Bottega Gatti. His talent has soon be noticed: he has already inaugurated a solo exhibition at the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza. Victor is the winner of Artigiano del Cuore 2021 contest, and until 31 August it is possible to support his activity through a foundraising on: link to the gift network.