The project "AD HOC, strategies to prevent early-school leaving" is on its way. It has been successfully selected by the social enterprise "Con i Bambini" (Standing with Children), within the "Fondo per il contrasto alla povertà minorile" (Children poverty prevention fund), coordinated by Cometa Formazione and co-financed by Fondazione De Agostini.

The project can rely on a diversified network of local partners: schools, parishes, foundations, institutions, universities, social cooperatives, all actively collaborating with educational and social entities over the area.

AD HOC is an important initiative covering a four-year period (2019-2022), aiming at implementing an extensive series of actions and strategies to prevent and contrast the severe problem of early school-leaving, by involving the main actors of the educational community (families, schools, institutions, and the non-profit sector).

The students and their families are offered a comprehensive, diversified proposal of activities and can choose among a number of tailor-made paths. The project will be available to 120 young people between 11 and 17-year of age, from secondary to high school entities within the Como area, and their families. Fondazione Cologni contributes to the network by offering a guidance on communication and a first-hand experience of practical and educational laboratories, including artistic craftsmanship, supported by skilled masters in the area. An inclusive, proactive approach for an articulated, innovative project, designed for the territory and actively open to it.