All the apprenticeships of the 2019/2020 edition of the “A School, a Job. Training to excellence” project have officially got under way: 25 youngsters have the chance to learn a craft directly in a workshop alongside an expert Master who will guide them in the world of craftsmanship. During their six months of remunerated apprenticeship, the selected talents come into contact with the trade, understand its secrets, perfect their manual skills and improve their dexterity. From North to South, an expertise that the whole world envies is handed down in the workshops, with future generations of Italian craftspeople ready to carry on an age-old tradition. 

"A School, A Job. Training to excellence" is now in its eighth year, sending more than 200 apprentices to workshops, many of whom have then been employed directly by the workshop or the firm, while others have opened ateliers of their own. This project, over the years, has also been made possible thanks to the generous contribution of donors and private supporters who strongly believe in this initiative.