In a moment when time #stayhome is no longer only a hashtag but a behaviour to be respected, Fondazione Cologni has decided to liven up the time spent at home through two actions: a podcast of stories and tutorials to follow at home indications shared by our craftspeople. The podcast #RaccontiArtigiani, or Craftspeople’s stories, tells through the voices of the staff of the Fondazione Cologni stories of craftsmanship, of excellence and of expertise; reading passages from the publications of the Fondazione in collaboration with Marsilio Editori, IdeaBooks and Carthusia, or articles on our craftspeople published in the magazine Mestieri d’Arte & Design and in the online magazine The Ducker. The podcast is available on all the digital platforms, including Spotify and iTunes: we hope it can be a pleasant moment for you to plunge into the poetic world of expertise and beauty. 

#Segretidelmestiere [Secrets of the trade] is instead a series of tutorials by our master craftspeople on things that can easily be done at home, so as to feel “artisan for a day” and learn some “tricks of the trade”: from calligraphy to how to take care of your shoes correctly, from decoration on fabrics to illustration. Stay connected to Facebook and Instagram for information on the times and tutorials which will be streamed on our channels. We hope many of you will tune in! And a big “thank you” to our craftspeople, who despite the difficult period have offered their time, their passion and their expertise.