ArtiJanus/ArtiJanas is the experimental project of the culture of design and craftsmanship promoted and supported by the Fondazione di Sardegna and the Milan Triennale, with the collaboration of Fondazione Cologni.

The seminars and workshops on innovation and markets, organized by the Fondazione Cologni, will involve artisans and Sardinian craft industries on a sectorial basis with the aim of stimulating research, innovation and development in relation to new needs, forms, materials, technologies and markets.


The lectures will begin in the month of March and will be held by eminent teachers from Milanese institutions of higher education (Alberto Cavalli and Alba Cappellieri from Milan Polytechnic; Massimo Bustreo and Silvia Borsari from IULM; Vittoria Veronesi, Leonella Gori from SDA Bocconi and Raffaella Ausenda from Scuola Corsi Arte), who will place their professional skills and expertise at the disposal of the participants and tackle themes linked to the authenticity/originality of artefacts, the cultural heritage, the regional character of production, the marketing and digital promotion of products and the management of SMEs.

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