This month the interview is dedicated to a young art master specializes in paintings, the Milanese Fabio Colombini.

Where does your passion for pictorial decoration come from?

Ever since I was a little boy, I have been attracted to the decoration in ancient villas and the frescoes I saw in churches. Fascinated by the beauty of these works, I started to reproduce them in my own way, following this passion that I felt inside. Another of my muses, if I might say so, is nature: by observing, I started to grasp its reality and beauty. So I set about studying materials and techniques, from pigments to colours, from shadows to perspective, looking for the way to broaden my vision and my expressive possibilities.

How did you find your way with these techniques?

Besides paints, with time I started to experiment with using materials like glues, silicates, resins, stucco, polyurethane, acrylics, various kinds of paints and varnishes, gold leafing. It took many years for me to learn how to use them thoroughly, and to know how to exploit the contrasts between different materials: only by patiently trying again and again did I get what I wanted, and especially what I wanted to transmit. The street art of the early 1990s helped me a lot to perfect the technique of the exclusive use of spray paint: I, too, wanted to paint on walls and on canvases of different dimensions.

What models are you inspired by, or do you think are interesting?

I am inspired a great deal by photographic art, especially the masters of black and white, and what I would call "real visions of daily life". But the models I am mainly inspired by are those I invent directly, in comparison with which I most frequently put my creativity to work. I think that an artist who is really famous in his field, H.R. Giger, is especially interesting, with his surrealist forms that have always fascinated me.

What kind of training have you followed?

I have not attended any art schools; my training grew along with my passion and love for art, and of course with practice. So I'm self-taught.

What are your channels of promotion?

I would say my links, mainly: they are a way to make my work known to the world. I take part in various group shows in art galleries, and offers for collaboration with architects' studios are also excellent channels.

Do you consider yourself more an artist, a craftsman or a balance between these two definitions?

The craftsman is an artist! Everything that one creates with his or her own hands and imagination is art. I feel like I am both craftsman and artist, but I prefer people to be the ones to know how to recognize what trait is most representative of my personality.

What space to you think should be given to young people on the art and crafts scene in Italy today?

From my point of view, young people today are attracted and oriented towards the technological world more than towards the arts and crafts world, maybe because they do not have the opportunities and places to meet where they can develop art professions both intellectually as well as manually. Often one can be fortunate (and this is the right word) only if a profession or trade is handed down from generation to generation.