An urgent appeal on behalf of Italian Arts and Crafts has been delivered to the government in these days: a cry of pain and alarm for the sector, in deep crisis owing to the consequences of the health emergency. It was signed by 50 leading exponents of Italian high craftsmanship, proprietors of historic craft workshops, together with 60 distinguished supporters, authoritative names from the fields of culture, journalism, business, design and art who have the future of the arts and crafts at heart.

A world of production that is of unique cultural value, the foundation of the best of Made in Italy. We will be publishing their statements at length: a precious anthology of short texts filled with a love of Italy and its sublime and inimitable know-how. Our country cannot abandon its ‘Living Treasures’ in this moment of such grave and deep crisis: it would mean resigning ourselves to losing our soul and our identity, the very things that make us unique and earn the whole world’s admiration. The appeal can be signed on Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Associazione OMA (Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte) and Associazione Fatti ad Arte invite everyone to endorse the appeal, in order to support our crafts and make their voice heard by the institutions.


Sign the appeal!