The 24th Artigiano e Palazzo fair took place at Giardino Corsini in Florence from 17 to 20 May. This important exhibition provides a contemporary context for craftspeople and their crafts.

Every year, its organisers select 100 exceptional artisans both Italian and foreign, who give live demonstrations of manual techniques, allowing the public to become acquainted with the rich heritage of skills and techniques that makes their work unique. The 2018 edition featured the 5th Blogs & Crafts contest, subtitled "young artisans and the Web", which promotes the creativity and artistic expression of craftspeople under 35. A group of bloggers interested in artisanal crafts, lifestyle, fashion and tourism was selected and asked to live blog the event and write a post about their experience. A yearly feature of the fair is Mostra Principe. This time, it was a portrayal of the unique creative journey begun in 1735 by the porcelain manufacturer Richard–Ginori. A fund-raiser for the Museo di Doccia (called “Artigianato e Palazzo per il Museo di Doccia”) was laudably instituted by Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani, "so that the collection of inestimable value belonging to the Museo di Doccia may once again be enjoyed by the public at large."
The fair was a resounding success, a sign that artisanship and lovingly made craft objects are still a source of pride in Italy, rousing the interest of large numbers of enthusiasts.