ArtiJanus/ArtiJanas is a cultural project that was born in Sardinia to stimulate the local artisanal workshops to reinterpret their productions, hybridise them, generate innovation and new development opportunities. From the encounter between the skilful hands of the craftsmen and the creative thinking of the designers selected by the project's curators, the original 'Terre' and 'Barbagia' collections were born, both inspired by iconic elements and traditional themes of Sardinian culture.

The ArtiJanus/ArtiJanas project is conceived by Tools srl, supported by Fondazione di Sardegna and curated by Fondazione Triennale Milano and Fondazione Cologni.


The craftsmen and designers involved in the project are:

Terre (ceramic) 
Craftsmen: Simonetta Marongiu, Giulia e Robert Carzedda - TerraPintadda, Bitti - Nuoro 
Designer: Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto - Zanellato-Bortotto, Treviso

Barbagia (weaving)
Artisans: Marcella Sanna - Laboratorio Tessile Medusa, Samugheo – Oristano
Designer: Serena Confalonieri, Milano