Between 2019 and 2020, the Biennale of Art Schools will support a moment of creativity and confrontation among secondary schools. The theme of this two-year period develops around the celebration of one of the most important Italian masters: Leonardo Da Vinci.

The year is hinged on two symbolic dates, the days of the Italian genius’ birth and death. Throughout the year, the students will be engaged in a number of activities: from the Olympics in the different school disciplines, to art and design contests, from organising educational trips to Leonardo’s sites to conferences, workshops and meetings.

Furthermore, each school can choose “its own” Leonardo by “adopting” one of the genius’ works throughout the time of celebrations. The chosen artwork will be sponsored through initiatives, projects, and events which will be open to families and the territory.

Through this series of actions and projects, the University of Education wishes to honour Leonardo and pass on his extraordinary cultural heritage.

This year, the "ViaggiArte" project, created to spread, both in Italy and abroad, the creativity and talent of the young students who are taking part in the Biennale, has met with great success: 45 works, among paintings, sculptures, installations and videos have been selected to be showcased in prestigious international contexts. 

This year’s theme deals with migration, memory and the introspective journey. The "tour" has already accessed cultural institutions in Barcelona and Moscow and is about to reach Saint Petersburg and the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, where it will stay until 18 August.