The manual skill of the ceramicist Sandro da Boit has given three-dimensionality to the lively creativity of Ugo La Pietra. The artistic objects on display at the exhibition "Ceramiche mediterranee" hosted by Galleria Fatto ad Arte in Milan embody the relation between design culture and craft culture; they reinterpret and renew Italy's rich tradition in artisanal ceramics.

The series Me ne lavo le mani is La Pietra's light-hearted exploration of the old-fashioned water pitcher and basin, which he turns into exquisite pieces of art. A series of five blue vases is based on archaic Mediterranean containers – olive jars, amphorae and wine jugs. La Pietra revisits them with respect for convention, but adds a masterful touch of contemporaneity.

Fundamental to these ceramics is the collaboration between La Pietra and Da Boit, an exchange that elevates the pieces to high craftsmanship, naturally destined to appeal to collectors.