Until 29 September, the Villa Torlonia Museums, at the Casina delle Civette in Rome, are showcasing the personal exhibition of ceramic artist Clara Garesio.

The event, curated by Lisa Hockemeyer, can be considered as the summa of Garesio’s art and craft research while creating an evocative atmosphere of cabinet de curiosité: from enamel-painted terracotta to third-firing decorated porcelain, from painting and drawing artworks on Amalfi paper to unpublished works, up to site specific installations especially conceived for the Museum areas.

From Artifice to Nature, from imaginary to real, moving freely between dreamlike poetics and the awareness of the cultural and technical heritage of the great Italian ceramics tradition, Garesio’s life unwinds within the path of ceramic tradition, but is also open to innovative contemporary solutions, while approaching with an unfailing spirit of wonder a fragile yet pliable material like ceramics.