The idea of starting a training course linked to craftsmanship came into being at the latest meeting, in Udine, of the signatories of the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship; an organization that brings together the most important national bodies active in protecting and promoting craftsmanship of excellence, of which Fondazione Cologni is also a member. The workgroup, with the aim of starting a reflection on the topic and fostering the growth of the sector, by investing in the training of future generations, has put forward the proposal of experimenting artisan training courses at national level in middle schools. The Autonomous Region of Val d'Aosta has thus accepted to start an exciting and inclusive experimental course coordinated and run by the IVAT-Institut Valdôtain de l'Artisanat de Tradition (signatory of the International Charter), which has led to a project operating in the community. Two schools have joined the initiative which effectively represents the first national experimentation.