Ugo La Pietra left his mark again. This time at Apricena, in Apulia Region, where he created the public work "Dalle cave all'architettura" (From quarries to architecture) in the “Madre Pietra” Parco Museo Sculture.

The installation, set in the old town centre, points out to the historical resources of the area, namely the " Apricena stone", which is extracted on the outskirts of the city.

The big columns stand on a carved stone foundation that hints at the extraction stage of the stone from the quarry. In the upper part, they are smoothed out, thus evoking the transformation due to the craftsmen’s work, while the top supports micro-architectures designing a landscape.

La Pietra, a tireless investigator and researcher within the vast area of town-planning and applied arts, explains his latest artistic effort: "This work conveys a concept I have repeatedly outlined and introduced in my writings, studies and creations, namely art connected to the territory, resting on the land’s resources and imparting an identity to the area it stands on and belongs with”.