May 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st – 6 p.m.

La Triennale di Milano

La Triennale di Milano, in collaboration with Bocconi University of Milan and University of Bologna, promotes and hosts in its premises every Monday of May a different round table about Italian Cuisine, with the following plan:

May 10th
A bigger tablecloth
The development of “Auteur”'s Italian Cuisine

May 17th
Pop art and industrial development
Standards, prototypes and replication in the high-level restaurant industry

May 24th
From the stove to the territory
The function of the certified restaurants in the economic growth of the wine and food territorial district

May 31st
Creativity and enlargement
The difficoult cohabitation of management abilities and creativity in high-level restaurant industry

The sector of Italian wine and food, that has experienced a relevant development in the latest years, considers the limits of its organization and management compared to the innovations in the field of cuisine and the Quality Certifications of food and restaurants.
Italian Chefs and economists, Professors of management, businessmen and experts of restaurant industry will talk about this with the moderators Massimo Bergami and Severino Salvemini.