February 3rd trhough February 28th, 2010

Triennale Bovisa, Milan

Together with crochet hook pieces conceived around the theme of identity under costruction, already shown in March 2009 at Triennale di Milano, Lanzini presents now a series of multi-media works (drawing, sewing, writing, photography, music and video) realized for the occasion. During the exhibition the artist and staff of do-knit-yourself, an association that collaborates in the set up of the exhibition, will run “Talking Hands”, open workshops on manual techniques.

I wanted this to be an exhibition on undoing and instead I did. I wanted to de-think and I thought, because – like Alda Merini says – “Life doesn’t mean a thing, but it’s life making us meaningful”. And the things we do as well.
( A.L.)