June 4th, 2013
Triennale Design Museum

On June 4th 2013, at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, the new book of the Mestieri d'Arte series was presented: Fare l'automobile (Creating a car).
The book of Mario Favilla and Aldo Agnelli, published by Marsilio Editori and curated by the Cologni Foundation, describes the fascinating job of the car designer, that connects high technology with an extraordinary artisanal savoir fare.

At the presence of numerous students of the Master in Car Design of the Milan Politecnico, of eminent names in the car design field and of passionate connoisseurs, the presentation was moderated by Franz Botrè, editor and publisher of Swan Group, who has in turn given word to Franco Cologni, President of the Cologni Foundation, Aldo Agnelli, photographer and author of the book, and Mario Favilla, director of the Master in Car Design of Politecnico of Milano and author of the book. Among those who took part in the debate were Flavio Manzoni (Ferrari), Filippo Perini (Lamborghini) and Michael Vernon Robinson (Bertone), who are also featured in the book.

Fare l'automobile is on sale in bookshops of the RCS circuit and on www.marsilioeditori.it