May - June, 2013

The Festival of Ascensione, an initiative supported by Cologni Foundation and first project of the newly formed Association NOEMA, has obtained a huge success of critic and public. The Festival has proposed some of the most significant pages of sacred music repertoire: from early times (Ambrosian and Gregorian chant) to the flowering of Baroque polyphony, through the gold centuries of Sforza's Milan, cultural center of great and refined importance thanks to its position in the hinge between the Italian tradition and the French, German and Flemish.
But not only: every concert has valorized and disclosed a musical instrument realized by a contemporary craftsman. From the archlute to the Baroque harp, from the harpsichord to the organ and lute, the instruments were presented with detailed descriptions. Developed in collaboration with the Civic School of Violin-Making of Milan and under the patronage of City of Milan, the project was definited on the Corriere della Sera: “brief but intelligent”.

The five appointments under the vaults of the Basilica of San Calimero in Milan were organized in this way: May 11: Vocal Ensemble Harmonia Cordis with Alessio Corti (harpsichord); May 18: La Venexiana under the direction of Claudio Cavina (protagonist instrument: archlute); May 25: Cappella Artemisia under the direction of Candace Smith (protagonist instrument: Baroque harp); June 2: The Song of Orpheus under the direction of Gianluca Capuano (protagonist instrument: organ); June 8: Vocal Quartet Sesquialtera with Emilio Bezzi (lute).