May 4th-June 1st, 2014
Basilica of San Calimero

At the Basilica of San Calimero in Milan the second edition of the Festival dell'Ascensione will take place, curated by Associazione NOEMA under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan.
As last year, a cycle of five concerts is foreseen on a weekly basis (Saturday at 9 p.m. except for the first and the last concerts of the Festival, which will take place on Sunday), in the context of a complex and coherent cultural itinerary. During the Festival, which takes its name from the liturgical period, consort and vocal ensemble specialized in early repertoire will perform, often accompanied by instruments of the period. The concerts (admission fee: 2 Euro per concert, tickets on sale directly at the church from 8.15 pm of the day of the concert) will be introduced by articles written by young musicologists of the Università Statale and of the Conservatorio di Milano, completed of profiles of the musical instruments played and their makers (in collaboration with the Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano) and connected with crafts professions (in collaboration with the Cologni Foundation).