Until 10 March, the exhibition “The Princes' Fragile Treasures. The Paths of Porcelain between Vienna and Florence” is open to the public in the Treasury of the Grand Dukes hall in Florence's Pitti Palace. The event aims at highlighting the close connection between the Doccia Manufacture and Vienna's Manufacture: the former being established by Carlo Ginori, the latter by Claudius Innocentius Du Paquier.

Vienna's Porcelain Manufacturing, the second after Meissen, started its production 300 years ago and the current exhibition is dedicated to this anniversary. The two manufactures influenced each other by sharing decorative motifs, shapes and artistic techniques, and played a significant role in defining the taste of the time.

The exhibition showcases porcelain, semi-precious stone “commessi”, paintings, wax statues, ivory, tapestries, masterpieces testifying to a fertile exchange between the arts, thus celebrating the magnificent porcelain flourishing under the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Lorraine dynasty.