Fondazione Cologni is pleased to announce that Giampaolo Babetto and Studio Swine have been awarded the prestigious Wallpaper* Design Award for their 2018 "Fundamentals" work, created for the third edition of the Doppia Firma project, supported by Fondazione Cologni and Living Corriere della Sera, and presented by Michelangelo Foundation.

The Doppia Firma project was launched with the specific aim to engage important international designers in a dialogue with great craftspeople, thus creating a unique collection of novel objects, the fruit of a creative exchange between a design culture open to modernity and a savoir-faire featuring an authentic expression of territories.

Studio Swine has designed a table set including three pieces based on architectural elements such as columns, arches, and brick walls, to be used as salt cellars, pepper shakers, and sugar bowls.

The silverwork superbly created by Maestro Babetto reflects the whole of his poetics, featuring trompe l'oeil structural elements interacting with flat parts, thus creating almost metaphysical optical illusions. A suggestive, meaningful work of great beauty, and an expression of exquisite savoir faire.