Only for the 1 and 2 December Villa Mozart, a beautiful, private Villa in the heart of Milan will be opened to visitors. Thanks to this event, the public will enjoy the amazing Art Deco ornaments of this historical Milanese building, built during the 20’s and nowadays headquarter of the Giampiero Bodino jewellery Maison. Here, the artist takes his inspiration thanks to a direct dialogue with his environment, and gives shape to his splendid works. “Beauty is my favourite colour” is the result of a synergy between Bodino and photographer Guido Taroni: portraits of fifteen women wearing Bodino’s creations and embodying the artists’ Muses. The background of these photos is Italy, with its splendor and unexpected sites.

1 and 2 December

Opening: 10:00 - 18:00

Sabrina Querci, Lecco, Febbraio 2017 - Photo Guido Taroni