On the occasion of the great HOMI 2018 event at Milan Rho Fair, CITA-Consociazione Italiana Tappezzieri Arredatori (Italian Upholsterers-Decorators Association), suggested the subject “Per il nuovo umanesimo 4.0, la poesia incontra il mestiere” (Poetry meets craftsmanship for the New Humanism 4.0), where craftsmanship means the ancient art of upholstery. A profession laden with history and tradition, mostly a hands-on craft, aptly chosen as an example for discovering time-hallowed skills in our overtly technological, automated, ultra-fast time. Rediscovering time, acknowledging the artisan's manual and intellectual skills: such is CITA's aim during HOMI's four exhibition days. 
Hall 22 will feature a number of works chosen by the members of the association involved in the stand's decoration works: each work will be labelled with a descriptive form, highlighting the manufacturing techniques, the artisan's name, the quality of the products, the inspiring idea and the intended use.

An opportunity for exchange, dialogue and sharing between experts and visitors about the importance of nurturing the poetry of the hand amidst the unrelenting rush of our world.