Ticket sales are now open to visit the second edition of "Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future", the international event dedicated to fine artistic craftsmanship. Also for 2022 the partnership with the Giorgio Cini Foundation is renewed: so, the island of San Giorgio Maggiore will host 15 different exhibitions curated by 22 experts in the sector. Special guest of the second edition will be Japan, with a series of exhibitions dedicated to its National Living Treasures.

This is in fact the prestigious name that the Land of the Rising Sun attributes to its best master craftspeople, who at Homo Faber 2022 will present exceptional objects made with ancient techniques. The exhibitions will highlight the revered craft traditions of the Rising Sun and pay homage to their influences on European artisanal expressions.

Homo Faber offers an unprecedented stage to admire a series of materials and techniques, from traditional crafts at risk of extinction to the most innovative contemporary declinations of artisanal skills.

A series of spectacular exhibitions will explore both the human element that represents the essence of the finest creations, and the most precious savoir faire, the most special narratives, territorial influences and all the variety of materials that make an object a masterpiece, in an authentic celebration of European artisanal excellence. Guided by a philosophy of sustainability, the organizers of the event intend not only to introduce talented European and Japanese artisans and their skills, but also to underline how essential it is to ensure the sustainability of their crafts, so that they can continue to grow in the future.


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