The “Jewellery by Giò Pomodoro: the Sign and the Ornament” exhibition is open to the public until 2 September, in Vicenza's Museo del Gioiello (Jewellery Museum). The exhibition is totally dedicated to the jewellery production of one of the major representatives of the 20th-century art scene. The exhibition features a wide selection (over 60 works) from the Maestro's works, curated by Paola Stroppiana, with works from private collections, mostly rarely accessible to the public. The event aims at unveiling a different vision of the artist, compared to the prevalent very well-known image, showcasing the modern concept of “artist's jewel” as a finished artwork in itself. The precious works on display span a nearly 50-year long timeframe: from figurative art to the 50s' Art informel to 70s' geometric shapes, where the mechanic element is accompanied by coloured enamels, up to the 90s' trials with semi-precious stones.

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