On 17th January, at Maria Luisa Amatori’s “Idea” in Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, the exhibition “Artigianato & Design” (“Craftsmanship & Design”) will be inaugurated. It is open until 2nd February.

It offers a veritable journey through beauty, amidst the long-established workshops in the city centre and an ideal circular route around the symbol of expert craftsmanship and timeless design: the Palladian Basilica.

20 historical workshops will showcase products from 20 craft shops from all over Italy, with objects created thanks to the encounter of innovation, design and the tradition of craftsmanship, expressed through the use of various materials such as glass, paper, ceramics, iron and those of fine tailoring.

It is a unique and different opportunity, organized by CNA Veneto Ovest under the artistic direction of Elena Agosti, formerly curator of the Museum of Ceramics of Nove. This special and highly evocative moment allows visitors to be immersed in trades with a timeless tradition, but which are also open to the contemporary age.