November 22th, 2010
Officine del volo, Milan

The Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte has decided to celebrate Christmas by giving up gifts and taking part in three charity projects instead, setting aside special donations:

The three projects are dedicated to children, young people and those who live in hardship situations.

Children: the Fondazione Cologni has taken part in “Il Bello che fa bene” – beauty that does good, a charity event supporting the Associazione Amici dei Bambini, a non-government organization composed of a movement of families with adopted and foster children, which has been committed to fighting against the emergency situation of child abandonment since 1986.

Minors: the Fondazione Cologni has supported the special project for minors, “L’Università Cattolica per i minori dell’Abruzzo”, developed by the Department of Psychology at the Università Cattolica and by the Fabbrica del Talento (an association within the university) in collaboration with the Region of Lombardy and the Civil Defence, financing the purchase of materials necessary to opening artistic workshops in the camps, with the aim of encouraging the re-definition and reinforcement of collective identity, starting with the rediscovery of local traditions.

People living in hardship situations: the Fondazione Cologni has made a donation to the Fondazione Opera di San Francesco, with its widespread, discreet presence, always a source of comfort and refuge for those who have nothing.

We believe that a gift ought to be an act of love, not something you have to do,” said Chairman Franco Cologni, “and that is why, for Christmas 2009, we wanted to stand as an example of Christian “charitas” (which can willingly be translated as “love”) towards those who are living in particularly adverse or destitute conditions, those who have nothing to celebrate and those who do not even have a place to bring their loved ones together in”.