In celebration of its newly added rooms (an initiative dubbed L'arte merita più spazio – Art deserves more space), Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milan is presenting "Il tempo degli orologi", an exhibition dedicated to time and its measurement, organised with the invaluable support of Orologeria Pisa.

The museum is hosting a lively programme of events related to the display. Aperitifs are planned during which master decorators of watch dials and cases speak about their meticulous work. Alberto Cavalli, the director of the Cologni Foundation, will introduce these artisans to the public. Three evening conversations with conservators and collectors are scheduled. A cycle of concerts called "A tempo di musica" will offer musical accompaniment to Sunday visits. A junior watch lab will offer educational fun to children from 8 to 12 years. Workshops led by Arass Brera will give adults a look inside the workings of an antique watch. Experts from the Associazione Italiana Cultori Orologeria Antica (Hora) will illustrate the history of time measurement from sundials to automatic watches.

"Il tempo degli orologi" features over 500 watches whose mechanisms and preciously wrought cases offer a unique overview of the evolution of technique and taste.