In compliance with the Decree Law for the containment of COVID-19, Museums all over Italy are closed, but many have wanted to leave their doors “open” even at such a difficult time, so that Italian beauty, art and culture can be enjoyed. This is why many Museums of Applied Arts have decided to hold virtual tours through their rooms, amidst porcelain, ceramics, fabrics and glass, to reveal the history of a country with a rich heritage, like Italy. In the hope that very soon we will be able to breathe the air of these fascinating and timeless rooms.

Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan
MIC-International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza
MUVE, Foundation of the Civic Museums of Venice
Museum of Ceramics, Savona
Capodimonte Museum, Naples
Museum of Decorative Arts of the Sforzesco Castle, Milan
Museum of Decorative Arts, Palazzo Madama, Turin
Artisanà, Valle d'Aosta