Italia su misura is a wonderful journey at the discovery of Italian artisanal excellence through 100 highly selected addresses representing the crown jewels of Italian craftsmanship.

The shopping guide, realised by publishing house Gruppo Editoriale along with Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte and OmA-Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte, with the precious support of Maison Vacheron Constantin, covers a broad range of subjects: ceramics, jewellery, fabrics, silverware, tailoring, accessory items, musical instruments and cribs, glass, mosaics and ironworks.

Thanks to Dario Garofalo’s camera, Italia su misura has been able to access some of the best Italian workshops and artisanal activities, capturing the faces, hands and tools of master craftsmen and disclosing the great tradition handed down through generations. The book aims at highlighting and supporting the art of savoir-faire, of an expertise giving life to unique customised creations, symbols of the excellence and know-how that have made Italy a major reference point for high craftsmanship.

Following the success of previous guidebooks on craftsmanship in Florence and Milan, and after the launch of portal, the guidebook Italia su misura is a new homage to the world of Italian handicraft. Italia su misura is a handy Italian-English bilingual guidebook, a precious, user-friendly instrument, aiming at enhancing educated, responsible tourism. It consists of 440 pages, over 800 unpublished pictures, and it is on sale in the main Italian bookshops at €14.90.