Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien

Finally, the Kunstkammer in Wien, the most important collection of its kind in the world, with 2200 objects, it is open to the public again.
The Kunst and Wunderkammer (art and wonders rooms) of the Renaissance and Baroque periods were encyclopaedic, universal collections that attempted to reflect the entire knowledge of that period, and gathered rare, curious and unusual objects. From the late Middle Ages to the Baroque, Habsburg emperors and archdukes collected exotic and uncommon materials, to which they often ascribed magical powers, such as precious stones, ostrich eggs or shark’s teeth, which were considered to be dragon’s tongues. From these weird row materials, artists often created virtuoso works of art.
Among the most famous works, the celebrated Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini is on display, together with magnificent bronze statuettes, ivories, precious stone vessels, as well as clocks, elaborate automatons, scientific instruments, and much more.