From 2nd through 15th November 2013
Museo didattico della Seta, Como

Until November 15th, the exhibition "The lingerie '30s and '40s of the elegant woman" will be on display: a collection of embroidered silk lingerie that the Museum offers to the public for the first time. Parures for the night, shirts and dressing gowns, capes, petticoats finely decorated with embroidery are exposed.
For the V Concorso Europeo per un merletto a fuselli (European competition for a bobbin lace) are also included 13 works coming from Italy, France, Belgium and Czech Republic, designed to outline a rich scenario of technical and artistic sensibility, with the common denominator of bobbin lace, an art declinable according to the most different needs of expression.
For the organizers, the "hors concours" section of this year has been a revelation, with the participation, for the first time, of ISIS - the Setificio Paolo Carcano of Como and ISA Fausto Melotti, with the classes of Cantù and Lomazzo.