An exhibition dedicated to a genius of special effects in cinema can be seen at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome: Carlo Rambaldi, known for the most famous fantastic creatures, such as E.T, King Kong and Alien, to mention only the films with which he won an Oscar for the best special effects. The exhibition reveals the secrets produced by the undisputed Master of these spectacular creations: more than 100 works and original materials to trace an exciting story that can relate the history of Italian and international cinema.

The exhibition accentuates the Italian tradition of craftsmanship as synonymous with quality and efficiency and also documents the world of the subsequent generations: the visual effects factory Makinarium, as well as having restored some of the machines on display, is present with a section dedicated to its production, including  the creatures of the film "Il racconto dei racconti" (Tale of Tales), which won the David of Donatello award for special effects.

The owner of Makinarium, Leonardo Cruciano, has been awarded the MAM-Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere prize for 2018 by Fondazione Cologni: his art is a fascinating combination  of craftsmanship skills with the most sophisticated technologies of the digital world. Thanks to Makinarium, it has been possible to recover Rambaldi’s creatures, which otherwise would have been lost forever.