March 17th – November 20th 2011

Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification, in the context of the exhibition "Il futuro nelle mani: Artieri domani" (The future in the hands: artisans tomorrow), curated by Enzo Biffi Gentili, Ugo La Pietra presents "L'unità nella diversa (Unity in diversity)", a project dedicated to the specific and iconic features of each Italian Region. For every Region the architect and designer has projected a different "vase-head" in the style of Caltagirone ceramics. The twenty heads have been made in ceramic by the artisans from Caltagirone Andrea Branciforti, Alessandro Iudici, Nicolò Morales, Francesco Navanzino and Riccardo Varsallona. The twenty-first head pays homage to the united Italy.