Cava dei Tirreni, near Salerno, will host the International Festival of Women's Ceramics from 7 to 9 September. An appointment exclusively conceived for female artists and craftswomen from all over the world. On this occasion, a delegation of 25 ceramists from the women's ceramics association from South Korean KWCA will be welcomed in town and will take part in debates, conferences, workshops, and cultural meetings with the territory's businesses. The 25 artists will also be given an opportunity to take part in a collective exhibition, to exchange views and experiences with Cava's businesses, in order to enhance and explore new forms and tools of development through innovative approaches promoting tradition and culture.

The event is organised by Pandora Association, an organisation which has always been very attentive to craftsmanship and to women's world with the aim to enhance women's role and also to protect the artistic-cultural heritage within a range of creative experiences. Through programs of “relational art”, Pandora aims at supporting and promoting women, thus turning them into a growth factor for society and a driving force toward a new kind of economic and social development.