From 17 to 19 May, within the context of "Buongiorno Ceramica", the Associazione Pandora (Ceramic Artists Pandora Association) is organising the “Matres Week” event throughout Italian and European cities boasting an ancient ceramics tradition. For many years, the Association has been engaged in promoting women’s crafts through dedicated projects, aiming at creating artistically and productively relevant events within the ceramic industry. Also, thanks to events taking place in historically and architecturally interesting venues, Pandora aims at supporting the ancient art of ceramics.

On the morning of 18 May, Milan will host a workshop on raku ceramics firing, to be held in Elisa Simonelli’s atelier, while an exhibition of ceramic handcrafted works will be on display at Cinzia Fantozzi’s Art Marginem in the afternoon.

The event is aimed at offering a great opportunity to approach ceramic experiences and traditions from the Italian and European area, connecting diverse technical and artistic expressions through a dialogue aimed at fostering new outcomes.