Running until 21 March, Naples' Made in Cloister Foundation is showcasing the work of Chinese artist Liu Jianhua, entitled “Monuments”.

"Monuments" is the outcome of a fortunate meeting and fruitful relationship between the artist and the popular multiethnic neighbourhood, Porta Capuana, where Liu Jianhua came in touch with migrants who have been living and intermingling in the area for several years, and with artisans crafting porcelain and continuing the tradition of the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte (Royal Factory), and papier mâché.

Within the framework of a very emotional and evocative art installation, where profound themes like the journey, emigration, tradition and culture interact and create a perfect dialogue, Naples' knowledge and craftsmanship meet the creative vision of the Chinese artist as the students from Capodimonte's Istituto Caselli and Noli's papier mâché masters contribute their knowledge for some of the works on display.

The central core of the exhibition is an installation featuring twenty-three pedestals covered with Vietri ceramic tiles where 24 performers, all immigrants from different countries, living and working in the Porta Capuana neighbourhood, have climbed upon during the inauguration, with short intervals in between. A mother and a daughter were standing on the larger central pedestal. At the end of the performance, the performers were replaced by papier mâché statues, made in Nola.

The installation also includes about two thousands flowers and twigs in Capodimonte white porcelain, evoking, as the author explained, frailty and solemnity with their delicate white colour, a symbol of the insecurity that enfolds the migrants' lives.