The Alto Artigianato Venezia network has been created in Venice with the aim of highlighting the uniqueness of craft creations and projecting the tradition into new contemporary languages. There are many projects and objectives that the founding companies, all linked to the city of Venice, have in common: Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Orsoni Venezia 1888, Martina Vidal Venezia and Lunardelli Venezia. They are unique firms in which creativity and skills, tradition and innovation coexist. The intention of Alto Artigianato Venezia is to develop cultural projects aimed at projecting into the future the artistic work of these craft companies and to encourage dialogue with contemporary design and the international public. They have made a great commitment and a fundamental contribution to preserving and innovating craftsmanship in the city of Venice, which has been so severely affected. The Association is chaired by a scientific committee headed by Stefano Micelli, and of which Alberto Cavalli, General Manager of the Fondazione Cologni is also a member.