An exhibition of artistic ceramics made by Nicolò Morales (Caltagirone, 1973) inaugurated at Museo Diocesano in Caltagirone, Sicily on 10 December 2017. His colour-blindness prevents the maestro from seeing the colours, but he "feels them inside". This perspective has allowed Morales to reach unusual and mesmerising results, where a wide chromatic range unites harmoniously with his great manual dexterity.

The subject of the show is the Mediterranean Sea and its infinite variety of fish. Morales's installations of fantastic fish and birds, shells, fins and more are attached to the walls and floors. The heads are separated from the tails and bodies to create a play between appearing and fleeing to hide. "Theoretically, the missing part is behind the surface," explains Morales. "In this society of ours, we all want to emerge. At the same time, we all feel the need to escape to a universe that often does not belong to us." His work arises from a whirlwind of emotions and experimentation, and combines the age-old tradition of Sicilian ceramics with the hyper-colourful contemporary vision of Morales's imagination.

Armonia Mediterranea

Museo Diocesano
Caltagirone - Catania

Until 6 may 2018