In the heart of Florence, a few steps from Museo del Bargello, you can discover one of the most enthralling, beautiful creations of Italian fine craftsmanship, well-known to lovers and connoisseurs of excellence Arts and Crafts: the "Stones in art" Scarpelli atelier, a historical location of commesso fiorentino, visited by collectors, enthusiasts, and tourists from around the world.

A true highlight of great Italian savoir-faire, Scarpelli is continuing, from one generation to the next, a unique tradition, the “stone painting art”, born in the Medicis’ workshops and handed down to us thanks to the talent of the very few masters who can tackle this challenging technique. The book, in a bilingual - Italian and English - edition, narrates the story of this family (Renzo, Gabriella, Catia, and Leonardo) of outstanding craftsmen, within the wider framework of Florence’s history and of the mosaic trade.

The book, strongly wanted and supported by the Scarpelli family, is a splendid art book, testifying to the richness and complexity of an ancient art which these art craftspeople are daily carrying forward with incomparable mastery. The book will be presented as a preview in Florence on 23 November next, within the evocative frame of Villa Bardini.

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