The Victoria and Albert Museum in London presents the exhibition Opera: Passion, Power and Politics which recreates the centennial emotion of opera, combining all the arts in a final act of greatness and splendour.

This event is an unprecedented and spectacular celebration which involves 4 centuries of history of music and seven European capitals of the fifth art.

Opera: Passion, Power and Politics aims to point out that “opera is a European and universal language. It is the voice of Europa which expresses its past and its future. It goes through borders, culture and continents and can face European issues” as curator Kate Bailey says.

More then 300 objects such as musical instruments, paintings, books, costumes recreates a journey in the most famous European cities of opera, from Vienna to London, from Dresden and Paris to Saint Petersburg, up to Venice and Milan.

The Cologni Foundation has presented the awesome world of opera in the volume “Il Bel Mestiere. Artigiani e maestranze nel teatro d’operaIl Bel Mestiere. Artigiani e maestranze nel teatro d’opera(Marsilio Editori, 2014). In this book the authors, Clizia Gurrado and Laila Pozzo, narrate the life of the Italian artisans who devote their love and dexterity to the creation of a universe of charm and magnificence.