The Giuseppe Gianetti Ceramics Museum will host until 20 April the "Pegaso. Liberi di volare" (Pegasus. Free to fly) exhibition by Angelo Zilio – Gilö, an artist and a ceramist working in the Varese area. The exhibition, organised in a collaboration with Nove’s ceramics museum, in the district of Vicenza, highlights Zilio’s research and artistic project carried out during his stay in Bassano del Grappa: a large ceramic panel opening up and giving life to Pegasus’ features, thus making him free to fly thanks to art.

As Pegasus spreads his wings, he turns the vases into different works that start taking new shapes until they are no longer pots but changing matter, and time unwinding and rewinding on itself. The vases become something else, they turn into forms of our memory, thus allowing us to fly. 
Angelo Zilio’s work originates from the primary, inborn need to strongly express, through doing, the reflections that arise from observing all that exists around us.

A number of different events are also going to take place during the days of the exhibition: from demonstrations on the potter’s wheel to children laboratories, all leading up to the final dinner in the Museum’s halls.