March 25th 2011

Sala del Gonfalone, Palazzo Panciatichi, Florence

The Società di San Giovanni Battista and the OMA – Osservatorio dei Mestieri d'Arte organize, under the auspices of the Centre of Unesco in Florence and the Region of Tuscany, the award "Artisanal Workshop in Florence", that has arrived in 2011 at its fifth edition. The organizers intend to acknowledge the atelier that, in addition to being an excellence in its field, continues to work in the old traditional setting of the artisanal workshop. On March 25th the award-giving ceremony for 2011 will take place: the winner is the manufacture of frames of Gino Campani, opened in 1889. Special mention for the artisan of the custumized shoe, Saskia Wittmer, is also foressen.