An exclusive exhibition at Milan's Pisa Orologeria, featuring a selection of iconic creations by the Maisons of Fondation de La Haute Horlogerie (FHH), has provided the framework to introduce the book “La bellezza del tempo” (The Beauty of Time) by François Chaille and Dominique Fléchon, published by Marsilio Editori.

The book has been introduced by Franco Cologni, the President of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, and by the FHH President Fabienne Lupo: a perfect occasion to plunge into a time-suspended atmosphere, discernible thanks to the master watchmakers' great care for detail and savoir-faire.

The book “La bellezza del tempo” aims at narrating clocks from a historical perspective: from the time of cathedrals, the sites of the earliest mechanic clocks, up to modern times, where technology takes centre-stage.

Clocks are seen as an expression of the cultural and artistic evolution of humankind, and as a statement of beauty and truth, in President Cologni's words:“The Greek poet Ghiannis Ritsos used to say that behind every beautiful thing there are endless stitches, patiently sewn by an invisible needle. In the world of clockmaking, these stitches transcend data and dates to connect, instead, to inventions, clients, ambitions, and dreams of people who have loved the beauty of time even more than time itself”. .