From 4 to 31 July, the Caselli-De Sanctis institute for ceramics and porcelain is showcasing the exhibition "Presepe Liberato" (A Free Nativity Scene). The Collection, designed by the school Director Valter Luca de Bartolomeis, and developed by the School’s teachers, is based on the iconography of the historical Neapolitan Nativity Scene which now appears in an excerpt of de-contextualised elements such as faces, arms, naturalistic symbols and more, which are now re-contextualised as everyday objects: from a centre-piece jar to wearable jewels. The collection also includes a series of limited-edition vases, hand-painted by the students of the Istituto Caselli-De Sanctis with the characteristic signs and colours of the shepherds’ clothes, ranging from crimson to vermillion to gold, and evoking ancient traditions. This unique project, reinterpreting elements from the ancient Nativity art and crafts scene within a contemporary vision, endows objects with a new function that overcomes mere aesthetics and allow them to enter homes and adorn elegant tables.

Visits allowed on reservation only, by calling +39 81 7413403.