Until 7 January 2019, the “Printing Revolution, 1450-1500” exhibition, curated by Cristina Dondi, is being showcased at Museo Correr and Biblioteca Marciana in Venice. Within approximately ten sections, the exhibition highlights the evolution of European printing over fifty years, showing millions of books aimed not only at the elites but at “everyone”, and a wide production of schoolbooks.

The exhibition is the outcome of great research and study, carried forward within the 5cBOOKTRADE project by the University of Oxford, which gathered thousands of data, and created a wide international network.

During the event, laboratories will be open to adults and children, while a printing press by Tipoteca Italiana will be available to the public wishing to try their hand at printing.

The exhibition's innovative aspect is largely due to a combination of humanistic culture and scientific technological knowledge, connecting 15th century printed books to hundreds of digital images from European and American libraries allowing to trace the circulation of volumes.

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