July 17th 2013

Two Memoranda about the métiers d'art have been recently signed. On July 17th, representatives of ACRI (Association of Foundations and Saving Banks), UnionCamere, CNA, Confartigianato Imprese met in Rome to sign an agreement which aims at planning with the Ministry of Education new training systems for young people related to the various areas of the craft, promoting innovative forms of apprenticeship; supporting the development of young talents with periods of learning in the Countries of the EU.
On the same day the Presidents of the Italian National Commission for Unesco, Giovanni Puglisi, of the ACRI, Giuseppe Guzzetti, of the Association for the National Commission for Unesco - Italy Onlus, Gianfranco Facco Bonetti, signed a Memorandum for the identification of activities aimed at the preservation, promotion and enhancement of the traditional crafts techniques, as elements of the Italian intangible cultural heritage and cultural diversity, as well as a potential driving force for economic growth and social development.