On 24 November, the Museo del Bijou in Casalmaggiore, near Cremona, inaugurated the “Ridefinire il gioiello” (Redefining Jewels) exhibition, which will be available to the public until 13 January 2019.

The exhibition showcases the finalist pieces of the “Redefining Jewels” contest, now on its 7th edition. The whole event aims at promoting and enhancing a new aesthetics of contemporary jewellery, by researching innovative, experimental materials, within a creative process rich in ideas, creativity and talent.

The artists have been invited to imagine and design jewels highlighting the creations on display at the Museo del Bijou, narrating stories inspired by the culture and taste of specific times and places. The event aims at showcasing the potential of the museum and of the works preserved here, by making it a dynamic, creative space, able to give life to new trends.